APA Citation Vs IEEE Citations -Difference, Definition & Format

What is IEEE Style?

ieee reference format

The organization is of great importance in the technical academic sector. The job of any technical student is required to be structured and in order. Accordingly, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers ( IEEE) has created a style for writing research papers and referencing papers.

The writing style of the IEEE is commonly used in all fields of engineering, computer science, and other scientific and industrial fields. It uses a notational reference system when referencing a source in a text or a paper.

IEEE General Format

If you’re doing an IEEE style paper, there’s a specific IEEE quotation structure that needs to be followed. Even then, there may be differences in quotes depending on the area in which the paper is submitted. It is always advisable to review prior to submission.

General Guidelines Are:

  • The title should be displayed in a 24-point form at the top of the page.
  • Below the title, the headline should be written in 10-point style based under the 
    title and should include the name, association, and email address of the writer on different sections.
  • The paper must be formatted as a 10-point type, with the body showing up in two columns. The columns on the last page will be the same duration.
  • All papers should start with abstract and index words.
  • Notice to the professionals, nomenclature, appendices, and acknowledgments should have been included, based on the circumstances and area.
  • Papers may be divided into different sections as per IEEE guidelines for the headings of the major, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary sections.
  • All IEEE papers start with a drop cap of two lines deep, followed by the next 8-12 characters all in caps.
  • Tables, statistics, and formulas should be based on the rows on which they appear. They should be counted consecutively, but separately from each other.

Citation of IEEE Style

In-text quote in the IEEE style does not require you to mention the name of the author, the pages used, or the date of publication. Instead, the reference is referred to with a number in the square bracket, which corresponds entirely to the entire reference list. The basics are as follows:

  • Place the quotes in the brackets on the text line well before punctuation, space before the first bracket.

  • Your origins should be counted when you put them on paper. Once the source has a number, use the number in the entire essay when you mention the source.
  • In various sources, mention each number separately, in its brackets, using a comma or a dash among them.

What Is APA Style?

what is apa

APA is the type of source documents used by the American Psychological Association. This method of writing research papers is used primarily in the social sciences, such as psychology, anthropology, sociology, education, and other fields.

You will most likely use the Apa style if your paper is on a scientific subject. Many behavioral and social sciences use the principles and guidelines of this organization.

APA Format For A Paper

Combining the style manual with appropriate paper format strategies is frustrating and costly, and you need to follow the APA style rules to get the best score. Are you having difficulty formatting your APA-style paper? With only a few easy steps, you can make sure that your paper is ready to be handed over:

  1. All text should be double-spaced
  2. Using a one-inch gap on all sides.
  3. Please ensure the title is centered on the page with your name and the school/organization below.
  4. Using 12-point fonts throughout
  5. All sections must be counted in the upper right corner of the page.
  6. A shortened form of the title (‘running head’) should be put in the upper left section of the page.


Difference Between IEEE And APA Style Of Writing

apa vs ieee

Different universities different citation and reference styles to make assignments and research papers. APA is the abbreviation of the American Psychological Association while IEEE is the abbreviation of the Institute of Electric and Electronics. APA and IEEE both are used in-text citations. It is used to provide a list of references at the end of the assigned task. Best essay writing service provides professional writers who provide detailed notes on APA and IEEE citation styles. These notes can open the window of your mind how to use both styles in your academic writing. Both APA and IEEE have differences which are mentioned below:

Manual of IEEE & APA:

IEEE provides editorial guidance for journals, letters, and IEEE transactions. It also provides the guidelines for the specific rules of the grammar. The manual of IEEE helps to make outlines for the citation of figures and tables. APA manuals also provide all the required information about the publication and organization of the manuscripts and writings. Best Research Paper Writing Services provides help and guidance for keying and submitting your assignments. You also need to provide the name of the manual and publisher. The place of publication should also be included in the manual.

Article templates of IEEE and APA:

The article template of IEEE provides many more details on the formatting and editing of the paper. It provides proper reviews and publication by submitting a paper of IEEE. In APA style of citation, it should be mentioned on a separate page. It must be placed in the correct order by using appropriate margin lines, fonts, and headings. You have to mention the year first then the month and date. Make sure to retrieve the title of the article from the URL. The highly skilled writers of Academic Writing Pro provide complete writing on different citation styles which will enable you to get a firm grip on writing styles.

In-text Citation in IEEE & APA:


It is not necessary to mention the author’s name, page number, or date of publication. Rather you can simply refer the source by using numbers. you have to play the bracketed citation in the IEEE writing style. you must give space before using any punctuation and bracket. you can use one same number for referencing the same source throughout the documentation. For multiple citations, you need to make a proper list and mentioned each number separately. APA is used most frequently in social science in most of the universities. In APA citations you use the surname of the author and the date of publication. You must add the quote directly and write the page number after the date. Websites that write your essays provide guidance for different writing styles used in universities.

Reference list in IEEE & APA:

You can title your reference list either center or align it on the left at the top of the paper. You have to use a hanging indent for each reference on the left side of the page. This hanging indent will provide the numeric sequence of your references. The author’s name should be listed as the first initial name than the last name. The general title should be with quotation marks and the title of books and journals should be mentioned in italics. The reference list of APA must be on a new page at the end of the documentation. It should be in the center and arranged alphabetically. If there are multiple works of the same author then you should order them by date. If there is the same work than you can maintain them alphabetically. You can search for a different site to get a proper understanding of referencing and citation i.e.Professional Term Paper Writing Services.

Page Format For IEEE & APA:

APA IN-Text Citation

In the IEEE format the references should be placed on the left side. There should be single space entries in IEEE. You have to place the number of entries on the left side of the margin. There should be an indent text of all entries. In APA formatting style there should be a one-inch margin on the top, bottom, and sides. The first word in the paragraph should be indented half an inch. The font should be Roman size must be twelve inches. You have to give double space the entire document. Academic Writing Pro provides a hub of writers who can help you to make understand APA and the IEEE style of writing clearly.

Title page of APA & IEEE:

The title page of APA includes a running head and page numbers. There is the title of the paper and the author’s name mentioned on the title page. You cannot use abbreviations in your title. The length of the title should not be more than 12 words. The IEEE title page includes an A4 size page. There should be a margin on the top, bottom, and left side. There must be a two-column format and all the paragraphs should be indented. The document writing should be Times, New Roman. All title and author details should be in single-column format and must be centered. Every word in the title must be capitalized. Family names must be written in the last part of the author’s name to avoid confusion.

Acknowledgment section of IEEE & APA:

The heading of the acknowledgment section sections is not being numbered in the IEEE style. In APA acknowledgment is given a centered title with capital letters. The size of the text is 12 and should be written in Times New Roman font. It is not numbered itself one acknowledgment page but its number is included in the table of content. This section is basically to give thanks to all who assist you to carry out the research properly.

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