Are You Searching For Controversial Research Paper Topics?

Are You Searching For Controversial Research Paper Topics?

Controversial Research Paper Topics

In writing a research paper, an essential thing in a topic. It works as the building block of an excellent research paper. It is rightly said that if the foundation of something is strong, then the building remains for a more significant time and retains its value.

The same is the case in writing a research paper. If the topic is chosen carefully and keenly, the research is valid and attracts the attention of the readers.

The aptitude for building up the right research subject is an imperative ability. Sometimes, the professor assigns a specific topic to the student himself. On the other hand, most often, the professors ask the students to choose their subject of interest or a particular topic for writing research.

Elena at AcademicWritingPro says:

Topic for the research paper writing has to be narrow as well as sufficiently focused to be attractive, yet wide enough to discover adequate knowledge and information.

Tips for handling your topic

  • Brainstorm the thoughts which are around you
  • Look out for the topics on which literature readings and study can be done
  • Make sure that the title is convenient and manageable
  • Formulate a list of keywords
  • Try to be flexible and supple with your ideas
  • Remain unbiased with your topic
  • Develop a research question that why are have you selected the particular idea
  • Read as much as you can, about your topic
  • Research from different sources
  • Conduct some interviews with the related personalities
  • Do pay visits to the related places
  • Consult the experts
  • Give time for developing your topic

Controversial and Diverse choice of Topics according to the Subjects


The subject of anthropology deals with the study of human cultures and the comparative study of customs, traditions, actions, ideas, institutions, and experiences. Language and linguistics are also related to this field. Anthropology is a diverse field that can create a lot of topics for research purposes.

Students in the field of Anthropology can merge the different topics to create a novel-fangled title and can do deep study in research paper writing. Some of the topics related to anthropology are jotted down below:

  • The history of the monarchy system and the implementation in today’s world
  • Reasons for AIDS in America
  • Treatment of HIV/AID in West America
  • Sub-continent partition and the amalgamation of Cultures
  • The trend of Chinese language and effect on English’s popularity
  • Influence of Hollywood on other cultures
  • Communication and Media Studies

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In this particular field of social sciences, theories of communication, ways to do effective communication, strengthening of speaking, listening, and writing skills are focused.

Also, the studies related to media technologies and the effect on the logical, regional and cultural aspects are done. The influence of media on our daily life and youth is also concerned in this field.

The topics related to this field are:

  • Hollywood’s influence on diverse cultures
  • Communication gaps between parents and children
  • Impact of social media on teenagers
  • Impact of electronic games on childhood lifestyles
  • Liberty to media and its aftermaths
  • History of press media and its decline with time
  • Relationship of the USA with Iran and the role of media
  • Afghanistan’s civil war and the role of media
  • History

It is related to the past of any area, any field, any theory, any movement, any revolution or any other thing. History is a vital part of something, either culture, language, politics, science, etc. It helps the students to see how the particular thing has evolved with time and how it affected the lifestyle of human beings and the living system in a specific area. The topics which can be considered for writing research paper under history are:

  • French politics
  • Russian history
  • How USA was born?
  • How Britain ruled and invaded many regions?
  • How Turkish Empire was evolved?
  • Impact of Hitler on various leaders
  • The movement for Black Americans and its implementation
  • The Mexican Drug war
  • The cold war and its effect on regional history
  • Literature

It is the study of the written material in the form of prose, poetry, theories, observations as well as experimentation. It may include the learning of biographies, autobiographies, fiction, non-fiction, novels, short stories, and history-related texts.

The genres may include romance, adventure, history, religion, mystery, etc. The topics for the research writing under this subject may include:

  • Comparison of writers of different eras
  • Common themes presented in a specific time period
  • The writing styles of English authors versus American authors
  • The impact of poetry on our thoughts and lifestyles
  • Impact of culture and brought up in the writing styles

Other topics from different subjects and courses include:

  • The trend of voters turnouts in the 1900s versus 2000s
  • Evolution of Democracy
  • Effect of music on our emotions and our sentiments
  • Depression: the mounting trend
  • The trend of youth in politics
  • The inclination in the rate of abortion
  • Drug addiction and its assorted consequences
  • Gender inequality and the movements to promote Gender equality
  • Why is the USA still behind in Women Empowerment?



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