Argumentative Essay Topics, Definition & Samples

What Is an Argumentative Essay?

What Is an Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is one which creates an argument through analysis. These essays take a viewpoint and justify it by evidence, but, unlike many other types of essays, they are focused on presenting a particular statement backed by study and evidence.

An argumentative essay allows you to decide on the subject and take a stance on it. You’ll also need to support your point of view with well-researched facts and details. One of the toughest parts is choosing which subject to write about, however, there are a lot of ideas accessible to get you started.

Argumentative essays help students learn more about the topic of a specific course. But that kind of writing is a gateway to knowledge. You need to pay close attention to your subject when selecting a good theme for your essay.

How To Choose A Great Argumentative Essay Topic?

Students also notice that much of their work on these essays is completed until they start writing. This ensures that it’s better if you have a general interest in your topic, otherwise you may get bored or frustrated when trying to gather details. (But you don’t need to read anything about it.) Exactly what makes this journey rewarding is discovering something different.

The topic you select may not always be one for which you are in complete agreement. You may be told to write a paper from the opposite point of view. Researching a new viewpoint allows students to expand their viewpoints.

Ideas for Argumentative Essays

Often the best ideas come from looking at a variety of different choices. Start exploring this list of potential topics and see if you’re interested in a couple. Write them down when you come across them, then think about each of them for a couple of minutes.

What one would you like to research? Do you have a strong position on a specific subject? Is there a question that you’d like to make sure you get across? Did the subject give you something new to think about? Could you see why anyone else would feel different?

200 Topics For Argumentative Essays

argumentative essay topics

A lot of these concerns are very controversial—that’s an idea. The argumentative essay is focused on opinions which, are backed up by evidence. If these subjects are a little too divisive or you don’t find the right one for you, try to browse through convincing essay and speech themes as well.

Technology Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Is technology going to render us more alone?
  2. Are you technologically distracted?
  3. Are Applications Supporting You or Just Wasting Your Time?
  4. Spend so much time on smartphones, do you Playing the ‘Stupid Games’ game?
  5. Is wearable technology going to catch on?
  6. Digital images are too abundant to be Significant?
  7. Do you worry that we’re doing too much filming?
  8. What will the role of robots in our future be?
  9. At your school, are web filters too restrictive?
  10. Do your teachers make good use of technology?
  11. Will the primary way students learn in class become tablet computers?
  12. Could cellphones be tools for education?
  13. Should Classroom Teaching Use Video Games?
  14. Is learning digitally as good as studying face-to-face?
  15. How would you feel about your essays being graded by a computer?
  16. Will people be allowed online to obscure their identities?
  17. How much do you believe in reviews online?
  18. Should doctors be replaced by Artificial Intelligence?
  19. This technology has made us lazier,
  20. Are spy apps violating users’ privacy?

Drugs, Cigarettes, and Alcohol

  1. Is there still a propensity for adolescents to drink and drive?
  2. Why are young people so susceptible to binge drinking in the US?
  3. Will minors be permitted to drink alcohol at home legally?
  4. Is there an argument for the legalization of marijuana?
  5. Will the examination of drugs be compulsory in schools?
  6. How successful is anti-smoking publicity?
  7. Is smoking tobacco, still an unregulated epidemic among young people?
  8. How are you going to stop teens from smoking?
  9. Is Advertising Effective for Antismoking?
  10. Drinking and driving are also a problem for Young adults
  11. Does Marijuana have to be legal?
  12.  Will students are allowed to take a drug test
  13.  Why is Binge drinking so popular among young people?
  14. The people of the United States?
  15. Will it be permitted for alcohol companies to advertise on television?
  16. For medical purposes, should marijuana be legal?
  17. In parks and other outdoor public spaces, should smoking be allowed?
  18. With the permission of their guardians, should minors be permitted to drink alcoholic drinks in their homes?
  19. Should individuals caught driving drunk for a year lose their licenses?
  20. Should students in middle school be checked for drugs? 

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Is it possible to count video gamers as real athletes?
  2. Will kids be kept out of trouble by playing in sports?
  3. Should girls be able to compete as boys in the same sports?
  4. For professional athletes, should alternatives to steroids be legalized?
  5. Do you think you’re cheering a sport?
  6. Baseball is not as exciting as it once was.
  7. Will your university spend a lot of money on sports programs?
  8. College athletes should get the money they need to compete.
  9. It ought to be illegal to bet on sports.
  10. Sports competitions do not display advertising for alcohol and tobacco. 
  11. Do female athletes see the media as a pornographic object? The use of doping in competitive sports
  12. Discrimination against gender in sport.
  13. Speak regarding the salaries of sports players
  14. Argue in schools about sports education.
  15. Differences between individual sports and sports for teams.
  16. The impact of American football and the reasons for its success.
  17. The detrimental impact on athletes of perfectionism?
  18. What do you think of women competing internationally in sports?
  19. Is motor racing very dangerous?
  20. Is it possible to consider martial arts sport?


  1. Should it be possible for students to grade their teachers?
  2. Is your school giving out too many of them?
  3. In gym class, should reading and math be learned too?
  4. How seriously should standardized exams be taken?
  5. How well do you think your skills are assessed by standardized tests?
  6. Do you spend too much time on standardized test preparation?
  7. For successful test results, can schools offer cash bonuses?
  8. Will we focus on how long high school students spend?
  9. Do schools have enough opportunities for students to be creative?
  10. What do you learn at school?
  11. How important is an education in the arts?
  12. Does the gym help students in all of their classes perform better?
  13. Who’s going to be able to see student records?
  14. Do children of illegal immigrants have the right to receive public education?
  15. In school, what is the right amount of group work? 
  16. Eighteen. Is it too short for your school day?
  17. Will it be mandatory for student-athletes to be on the honor roll to play games?
  18. Should music be tolerated at school dances with swear words?
  19. Should public schools start the day with a moment of quiet prayer?

Argumentative Essay Topics About Politics

  1. Which political party has the right agenda?
  2. To reduce income inequality, what should be done?
  3. Is it the most critical question of our time to pay down the national deficit?
  4. Does the Fed need to quit printing currency, as it creates an unsustainable bubble?
  5. Is capitalism the greatest economic structure in the world?
  6. Is socialism the right method for economics?
  7. Is America ready for a woman vice president?
  8. Should an elected official, or is it easier to try to negotiate, serve the interests of his or her political party?
  9. What recent political decision has made the best of the changes?
  10. Does the campaign fund the reform?
  11. Do you think that war always constitutes a political decision?
  12. Should it be cruel or merciful for a politician?
  13. Is your country going the right way?
  14. What do you consider to be more important: the privacy of citizens or national security?
  15. Should criminals have the right to vote?
  16. What is more efficient, war or diplomacy, nowadays?
  17. Could we conquer corruption completely?
  18. Is there more benefit or damage caused by revolutions?
  19. Are nuclear weapons in the 21st century a critical necessity for countries?
  20. Can the voting age be reduced or increased?

Laws & Policies

  1. Should immigrants have more rights to live?
  2. Will companies be obliged to recruit an ex-convict? Why not, or why not
  3. Will random employee drug monitoring infringe personal privacy rights?
  4. Should the legal age be changed if life is at risk?
  5. Can the tubal occlusion procedure be performed on unsuspected women?
  6. In what conditions could abortion be justified?
  7. Is this a question of breach of privacy rights for parents to control underage children’s use of the Internet?
  8. A Yes or No Breastfeeding in Public?
  9. Is it fair for the unjustifiable euthanization of animals?
  10. Will military participation be compulsory for all citizens?
  11. Will all Americans be asked to speak English fluently?
  12. Should Americans be asked to speak Spanish?
  13. Are the teachers supposed to be armed?
  14. Will the law on gun control be stricter?
  15. Can the military age be reduced?
  16. Will there be limitations on freedom of speech?
  17. Is the Internet to be censored?
  18. Is the law on gun control too strict?
  19. Will people of the same sex be allowed to marry one another
  20. Is abortion to be legal?
  21. Will the laws be based on religion?
  22. Will churches be tax-free institutions?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Arts and Media

  1. Is TV Better Than Ever, or Obsolete?
  2. Are unhealthy stereotypes promoted by reality TV?
  3. What do you think would existing musicians stand the test of time?
  4. What musicians or today’s bands are intended for the Hall of Fame of Rock and Roll?
  5. What should be a superstar for a singer, actor, or author, but hasn’t made it quite yet?
  6. Will it make you more competitive with musical training?
  7. A Sports Should Video Games Be Considered?
  8. Should Stores Sell Minors to Violent Video Games?
  9. Can a game on video be a piece of art?
  10. In real life, do violent video games make people more violent?
  11. When do you feel bad about killing zombies?
  12. Owing to the rapid growth of new technology, do libraries have a chance to survive in the future?
  13. Is there any actor you can call who didn’t deserve his Oscar?
  14. Will speed reading make you smarter?
  15. Are you aware of the real reasons why Banksy needs to stay anonymous?
  16. What are the reasons why indie music among millennials is so popular?
  17.  In Our Lives Do We Need Art?
  18.  What makes the ad a decent one?
  19. How do you describe your “art philosophy”?
  20.  When and how has photography turned into art?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Gender Issues

  1. Does gender define society or a person?
  2. Will culturally punish gender roles affect adolescent mental health?
  3. Our perceptions of gender-based on the disparity between the brains of men and women justified?
  4. What are the anti-feminists’ core arguments? Were they justified?
  5. If more women were in control, would our world be better?
  6. How do perceptions of gender in the sports industry affect athletes’ careers?
  7. What social issues are exacerbated by gender inequality?
  8. How does gender inequality impact male adolescents’ self-image?
  9. Why is the definition of feminism often negatively interpreted?
  10. Why do female heroes rarely feature in movies featuring superheroes?
  11. How can secularism in religious cultures help solve the issue of gender inequality? 
  12. In religious communities, is the issue of gender inequality more serious?
  13. How will young people address problems related to gender equality?
  14. Analyze abuse dependent on gender in numerous countries
  15. In various nations, compare the pay difference between the sexes.
  16. What does being transgender mean?
  17. Discussing women’s rights
  18. Why is women’s gender-blindness an issue?
  19. Why is sexual harassment and abuse at higher risk for girls?
  20. The function of plurality in gender in invention and scientific exploration
  21. To make communities better for women and children, what can be done?
  22. International developments in the empowerment of women.

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. What kind of crimes as punishment warrant death?
  2. Will a bill be in place in the Senate to better regulate gun licensing?
  3. What are the causes of war in common?
  4. Do violent video games raise the odds of school shootouts?
  5. Before marriage, is it socially right to have sex?
  6. Why are teenagers expected to avoid sex until after marriage?
  7. Should gay marriages across the globe be legalized?
  8. Do steroids work to support the body or kill it?
  9. Should parents talk to their kids about sex?
  10. Is dieting a suitable technique for weight loss?
  11. Should abortion be allowed worldwide?
  12. Is there a term in which torture, as a means of investigation, is acceptable?
  13. What is the impact on extremism that religion has?
  14. Is a person able to make the conscious decision at 18 to vote for a specific candidate?
  15. Are the restrictions that currently exist on smoking in public areas working?
  16. HIV tests can also be made available in drugstores, much like pregnancy tests.
  17. Workplace dating is ethically incorrect.
  18. What is the role that religion plays when it comes to any country’s politics?
  19. Will teens be offered access to multiple birth control contraceptives?
  20. Does cheating get out of hand during research and CATS?
  21. Should TV shows and movies be presented on prime time TV with simulated sex scenes?
  22. When it comes to explaining ethnic and sexual diversity, what part do TV shows and movies play?

American History Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. With the end of the Cold War, has the world become a more peaceful place?
  2. Can the Vietnam war be justified?
  3. The resistance of Native Americans to the colonists
  4. In the sense of politics, how do the North and the South differ?
  5. The role of female politicians in the history of the United States
  6. Will the reality of getting an African American president show that racial inequality is not still an issue for the United States?
  7. America’s history of women’s rights.
  8. Movement for Civil Law in America
  9. For the 21st Century, American foreign policy
  10. In the history of the United States, Donald Trump has been the most hated President.
  11. The impacts on American individuals of the Great Depression
  12. How was the continent of North America discovered?
  13. Would the 3rd World War take place? The Holocaust Tragedy.
  14. Why was Obama the greatest president in the United States?
  15. Talk about the main causes of the revolution

Bonus Argumentative Essay Samples

Are you looking for advice on how to come up with a very well argumentative essay? Are you searching for argumentative samples and template writing? You’ve arrived on the right website because we have all these and more in this very post.

We have a few samples of argumentative essays that will give you a decent preview of how your final argumentative essay might look like. If you need to know more about the argumentative style of writing, just check this story!

Argumentative Essay Sample 1: Single Parents Struggle

single parents struggle

Argumentative Essay Sample 2: Legalize It

legalize it


Argumentative Essay Sample 3: Puerto Rico Walks Away From Commonwealth

argumentative essay sample 3

Argumentative Essay Sample 4: School Choice – An Unwise Option

argumentative essay sample 4

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