Get an ‘A’ grade on Your Next Research Paper with these Six Simple Steps

Get an ‘A’ grade on Your Next Research Paper with these Six Simple Steps

How To Write  A Research Paper With  6 Simple Steps


Being a student, you always effort to have better classes in your research paper to get a good GPA. For this, you should have your research paper exceptional. Elena from said:

“To achieve supreme excellence or perfection in anything you do. You need more than just knowledge.”

So, to achieve ‘A’ grade, here is the real start with six necessary steps for your research paper:

  • Choose the topic:

The first and most essential step is to choose the theme for your research paper. Choose the subject about which you have awareness because this makes you put your more exertion and enthusiasm in it. Always try to select the topic which you can manage and is not very technical.

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Once you have chosen the topic, start your paper with an introduction about it and tell your reader what you are going to discuss in your article. Otherwise, your paper will be confusing. Moreover, it is essential to keep your research paper in the right direction, so don’t get diverted from the topic. Also keeps in mind that tell the readers what information your writing will give them because no one is going to read your paper unless it provides them with some info.

  • Prepare outline:

Preparing an outline helps a lot while writing down ideas. It also enables you to track what points you have explained and what positions you have to tell in the future, which keep the research paper inflow and a structured manner. While preparing an outline to keep in mind some of the things. I.e., what are you about to write and how you want to present it in your paper, what are your estimations and then give some supportive arguments, make links between ideas to have flow and then write what you had concluded after in the end.

  • Search the information:

After preparing your outline, the first thing to do is to list down the sources in your mind which help you in your research process. Preparing a draft helps the writer by giving him a direction in his writing process and also speeds up the research process. So, researching information is the most intensive part of writing your research paper.

Try to have a vast number of sources to fulfill your requirements, i.e. internet, books, journals, videos, and interviews. For general and background information, one can approach to documentaries, encyclopedias, different URLs, etc. Try to get information from official sites, e.g. the .com sites are considered excellent.  Give maximum time for searching for information. Also, keep copies and records of places from where you are collecting the information so you can retrieve it later when required. Rearticulate the information to avoid plagiarism later on.

  • Start writing your research paper:

After doing your complete research, it’s time to write your gathered information in a flow so the reader could understand what you are trying to convey them. Sometimes, you require more research as you start writing your paper according to the complexity of your topic. As you have prepared an outline already, so this is going to help a lot while writing as it won’t let you miss an important point.

While writing, it is not necessary to stick only to the points you have written in your outline, you can also add- points which came afterward in your mind. Keep in mind that whatever you are writing after the introduction is related to your topic and is focused.

We can also say it’s the first or rough draft of paper because amendments are required at the end. So don’t put excessive stress on while writing it down for the first time. Try to use your own words and not to copy it directly from the places you have searched.

  • Prepare final draft and correct errors:

It is essential to check and edit whatever you have written. Checking the paper for the correction also means that you are preparing the final draft. This step enables you to rearrange ideas if required, make grammatical corrections, and improvement in presentation.

While preparing the final draft, you can also check and observe the effectiveness of your paper. You can even refine your paper while going through it. Facts and figures should have given particular importance to check if they are credible or not.

  • Prepare a checklist:

The last and final but the crucial step of your research paper writing is to prepare the list. It is prepared to check if you have missed anything which should be there in your research paper to make it appealing to the reader regarding presentation, information, and structure.

This step also includes preparing the cover page for your paper, having your name, course information, and title of your paper.

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