How To Write Outline For A Research Paper

What Is Research Paper Outline?

research paper outline

The outline is your research paper skeleton. Only begin by creating your thesis and the key ideas you want to present. This is prone to alter as your research progresses; hence, do not worry about it being too precise in the initial stages of preparing your outline. The most interesting aspect is finished so far, we’re only going to expand it and arrange it.

A research paper outline is a strategy for future research. It’s an educational assignment that’s assessed just like your final assignment. The aim of the outline is to show your understanding and vision of the subject. It helps to prevent errors and forms the subject into serious work.

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As a road map is essential to start from one point to the other, in the same way, it is worthy that you make an outline for your research, according to a research paper writerHaving a road map will let you know about the hurdles, checkpoints, and ease during the journey.

Research papers are always the part of academic writings that count on your degree. So it suggested that from the start you have something planned to work accordingly. Best research paper writing services in the USA indicate that all students should make an outline so their mind is organized and well managed.

The research paper consists of 3 main parts.

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

All these three hold their importance, and if you miss any one of them, it leads to lowering your grades. When you need help writing a research paper, look for someone who will make your preparation the best outline.


The introduction is an integral aspect of all scholarly research. It decides if the reader is going to carry on reading your paper or just give it some rest. The presentation should be interesting, engaging, and insightful, but without giving away too much.

Since all three portions of the writing require a proper outline, the introduction, the definition of the topic, and the thesis statement.

We suggest that hook is what shifts to your actual introduction but also defines the main idea of your topic.

Defining the audience means telling your readers what they are about to read.

The thesis statement is the main statement that has the actual crux of the topic. It does not involve the debate ideas but has the idea of what you will discuss in the research paper. 

There are three main points that make an impressive Introduction:

Hook. Depending on the total size of the research paper, the hook can be between one and five paragraphs long. That’s the part that convinces people to read the paper. The hook should be fascinating and provocative – you want your learners to evaluate your research paper.

Define the audience. You would have to identify the market for yourself in your pre-writing activities – you now have to recognize who would be interested in learning your paper. Here, though, you have to tell your reader why she or he is your target audience. Introduction and the text as a whole and, for that purpose, must be relatable.

Thesis statement. Here you’re going to state your point. You’re going to make a simple point about how you’re going to discuss and why it’s important. Your declaration of the thesis should be plain and simple, but it should never be boring. You want learners to evaluate your paper, particularly after the research you’ve done and the materials you’ve gone through.



The structure is the key part of a research paper that explains what you are writing. It has no volume restriction since it is the largest and most critical portion of the document. The number of sections for this part depends on the total volume of the research paper required: the more points you have to support the bigger Body section there should be.

Your body involves the main idea that you will debate. When you need help writing a research paperthis part is what should be widely discussed. There must be an argument to support the thesis, and that is what consists of the debate, evidence to prove them, ideas & solutions. If your research does not cover all these, then your research goes to waste. ARGUMENT ON THE TOPIC IS WHAT’S IMPORTANT.

All the evidence you’ve collected in the course of the research should go here. You put forward every idea and provide effective evidence. Don’t claim anything that you don’t have a way to prove! Any argument you make has to be supported up with evidence. Don’t forget the correct references and a suitable quote in the appropriate paper format.

It has been highly stressed by the best research paper writing services in the USA to support your topic with an agreement. That makes an impression to the reader that you have well prepared your research. Whatever writing help online you seek, they always provide you with text that is full of information and evidence to support your topic.


The final part of the research paper needs to outline the points so that readers can absorb the main concept and recognize it for a long time. The argument should never belong, but it should include all the essential parts that make the whole paper fall into the mind of the readers.

  • Summary of arguments. In this small section, you again put forth your strongest points. There is no need to give each of them a detailed description of your ideas or facts. However, you will have to offer a general summary of the reasons you used in the research paper.
  • Call to action. That’s the very end of your research paper, and it’s supposed to provoke your readers. If it’s a call to a conversation or an intervention, you have to choose what your final message will be to the reader.

The outline of the conclusion should consist of two things: Summary and the Call of action.

According to a research paper writer, whatever you have written within your research paper must be summarized. Starting from the point of the debate toll where you found the solution to it, everything must be mentioned so that it can be called the “crux” of your research paper. A better summary always counts if it supports the research properly.

Academic Writing Pro is one of the best research paper writing services in the USA that helps students with their research papers. Writing your outline well will surely ace your research paper.

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