Little Known Ways to Write Research Paper Cover Page

Little Known Ways to Write Research Paper Cover Page

Title Page For A Research Paper

The title page for your research paper is not very difficult to make. There are three different formats by using them, you can easily make your title page, depending on the demand of your professor.

These three formats are American Psychological Association (APA), the Modern Language Association (MLA) and Chicago style. These three formats used depending on your requirements.
Following are some tips by AcademicWritingPro for writing research paper cover page;

Making a title page with APA

  • The spacing of your title. Use the return key to move your title down the page about 1/3 of your page. If the title is long or has colons in it, then write it in two lines. In this style, you have to be as accurate as possible. Capitalize the important words in the title. Such as nouns, verbs, and adjectives. But there is no need to capitalize on unnecessary words or words with less than three letters.
  • Write your name. After writing the title of your research paper, write your name but don’t write a title such as Dr., prof. If there are two or more than two authors of the paper than write them by separating with commas and ‘and’.
  • Write the name of your institutions. Now write the name of your university or the organization you are linked with to tell the readers where you have done most of your research. If there is only one author or more than one author belonging to the same organizations, then write the name of the organization after listing down the names of the author/s. But if there are different authors affiliated with varying universities, then write the name of each author with the name of the organization he/she is affiliated with.

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  • Double spacing title-page- Highlight your text by selecting the spacing button from the HOME tab of a word document. Then form a space drop-down menu, select ‘2’, and your text is double-spaced now.
  • Placing the title in the center horizontally- Highlight your text on the page then select the button under paragraph to center the text.
  • Add running header- A running header is used at the top of the page and goes throughout the page. Here all capital letters are used for a title.
  • Formatting the page- 12-point Times New Roman font is used here and also make sure to have 1 inch of margin on all sides.

Making a title page with MLA

  •  The title page is not required unless asked by your teacher. In this format, you just simply write your title in the center of your page. Start writing your text from the next line. If you are doing your title page this way then just simply write your name, your teacher name, course name, and the date by double spacing it on the upper-left-hand side. A header on the right side includes your name and page number on the page.
  • Skip your page down- In this format too, you have to start writing 1/3 down of the page. Write your title in one line even if it has a semi-colon. But if it is too long to adjust in one line, then write it in two-line by separating them from the semi-colon. Also, capitalize on essential words.
  • Write your name under the title. Leave a blank line and write ‘By’ to place your name after it. If there are two authors than separate their names with ‘and’ and if there are more than two authors than write their names by separating them with commas.
  • Move to the bottom. There you will have only three lines at the bottom where you have to write your class name and section in one line. Then the professor’s name in the second line and date in the last and third line.
  • Center the text horizontally- Highlight the text, use paragraph grouping. Click the center button to center the text.
  • Format your page- Title page like the rest of the paper should have a 1-inch format and with a readable font. Such as TIMES NEW ROMAN, in 12-point size.

Making title page with Chicago style:

  • Type your tile- Reach 1/3 down of your page and start writing your title in capital words in one line unless it has a subtitle. If it has a subtitle, write it in the next line. But try to adjust it in the first line.
  • Skip some page- Leave four or five lines after writing down the title. Then start writing the next part of your title page from there.
  • Write the name, class information, and date. Now write your name, then hit the return key and write class information. In the end, again press the return key and write the date. The date should be in the format of; first the name of the month, the date, and then the year.
  • Center the text- Highlight the text, use paragraph grouping, and click the center button to center the text.

Format your page.

In this format 1 or ½ inch of margins is used, which is also applied to the rest of the page. Chicago recommends TIMES NEW ROMAN and Palatino with 12-point font. For more details regarding research paper writing services visit,

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