MLA VS Chicago Style Citation – Definition, Differences & Usage

What Is Chicago Style Citation?

What Is Chicago Style

Chicago style focuses on the Chicago Style Manual (CMOS for short). CMOS is a guideline of selection for several publishers of books and is also used by authors and publishers in many academic fields, particularly in the fields of social sciences and humanities. CMOS encompasses anything from style and use to source quotes and proofreading and editing techniques. Because of its broad coverage, it’s a gateway to a wide variety of genres and formats, from novels and stories to blogs and imaginative fiction.

Where Should We Use Chicago Style Citations?

The Chicago / Turbine style of referencing sources is commonly used when referencing humanities papers and is best remembered for its demand that writers put bibliographic citations at the bottom of a page or at the end of an article. The Turbine style is named after the founder, Kate L.

What Is MLA Style Citation?

what is mla citation

The MLA style focuses on part of the MLA Handbook. (MLA stands for Modern Language Association.) The new version of the manual focuses solely on how to quote sources. A corresponding website addresses questions about writing-related topics. MLA style is used mostly by students who write literature papers and related topics such as theatre or film.

Why Use MLA Style Guide?

The reason you’d use an MLA style guide to write your paper is straightforward; your creative writing papers will be 5-10 pages long and will use dozens of sources. Therefore, you’re going to have to use some sort of organizational scheme to keep stuff straight. Instead of making your own quotation system, MLA took all the guesswork out of it and has a style guide ready for your Shakespeare essay. Not only will it tell you how to quote your sources in the body of the paper, but it also breaks down every aspect of your paper formation.


Difference Between Chicago & MLA Style Of Writing And It’s Usage


The Chicago/Turbine and MLA (Modern Language Association) are two writing styles that are commonly used and accepted for academic writings. Whatever writing style is used in the paper the goal of the student should be to provide citations to help the reader who wants to consult and check the provided sources directly. The provided paper should be informational enough and rich with evidential support. The reason to use these writing styles is to make the paper plagiarism-free. The citation of sources adds credibility to the paper and shows the student’s effort to write the paper on serious notes. Academic Writing Pro provides highly skilled and professional writers who provide authentic assignments with complete citations and proper format. There are slight differences in MLA and Chicago style that are mentioned below;

The Chicago style is widely used for writing history and humanities subjects. While the MLA writing style is used for English subjects. MLA writing style codes not require the title page. The name of the student, code of the course/subject, and date of the submission is mentioned on the left side of the first page. The first page is the title page that includes the title name of the paper, students’ complete names, the code of the subject/course, and the submission date. Research paper writing services provide exclusive services to provide documents with the required format.

Page Number & Citation Style:

The title page is not numbered and the page numbers of the rest of the pages are written on the top-right corner of the page. In MLA style the page number is preceded with the student’s last name. There are in-text citations in MLA style. The last name of the author and page number is mentioned in the parenthesis. There are no footnotes for the citation and is typed after the citation. The citations used in the Chicago style are mentioned in footnotes at the end of the page. All the references are provided on a separate page after the conclusion of the paper. Research paper writing services provide different articles on different writing styles so that you can get a proper understanding of it.

Similarities In Chicago & MLA:

 In Chicago/MLA style there is an inch margin line at the top, bottom, and both sides. The writing version used is Times o Times New Roman and the font size should be 12 pt. there is double space between the texts of the papers. Research paper writing services provide detailed notes on the different writing styles that can help you to get a complete understanding of different writing styles. Once you go through these writing you can create the best document with the correct format.


Headings & Verb Tense:

Typically present tense is used in the MLA style of writing. There is no preference for tenses. One can use the past tense as well. In Chicago style, the present tense is used. In MLA style there should be double space between the end of one section and the heading label of the next, between, and the followed section. There should be no use of punctuation. It also must not be italicized or Chicago style, the heading should be on the left corner of the page. It should be on a new line. Capital letters can be used but one cannot use the full capitals. The highly skilled and professional writers of Academic Writing Pro provide documents in MLA, Chicago, and other writing styles. They make sure to provide you the document with the required format. They also provide complete citations and references to eliminate any chance of plagiarism.

Thesis Statement:

There should be coherence in the thesis statement and proper flow of ideas in the MLA style of writing. The thesis statement should answer the topic title or central question. Chicago style does not require a specific thesis statement. But it should present the main idea or claim that is presented in the paper. It should provide some argument for the paper. Academic Writing Pro provides exclusive and detailed articles on different writing styles. These articles can be very useful for students while making their academic assignments.


Bibliography Page:

In the MLA writing style, the bibliography is provided on a separate and new page. The cited words should be in the center of the page. The entry if the references should be provided with double space. The last name of the author is mentioned first in alphabetical order. In Chicago writing style full-page or separate bibliography is not required. If it is recommended to provide the biography then the provided list should be arranged alphabetically. All sources of research and search should be mentioned. You can provide the bibliography both at the end of the paper or on a new page. Academic Writing Pro provides academic writings with a complete bibliography.

Benefits of Chicago &MLA writing styles:

Both styles of writings are used to provide uniform and consistent documentation for academic or research work. Both writing styles provide proper flow and continuous stream to the writing. These writing styles are properly cited that make it 100% original and eliminate any chance of plagiarism and copy/paste work. Both styles are commonly accepted academically and familiar to academic checkers. Students use the writing style according to the requirement of the document or research paper. Sometimes professors also recommend some specific style of writing for assigned documents or research work. 

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