Persuasive Essays Topics, Examples & Defination

What Is A Persuasive Essay?

what is persuasive essay

A logical essay, also known as an argumentative essay, is a form of scholarly literature in which you use logic and reason to prove that your perspective is more valid than the other. You must make valid points and justify them with compelling evidence and rational explanations.

In a persuasive essay, you aim to persuade people to side with your point of view on the argument. For instance, an essay discussing trends in Italian art since the Renaissance would not be a convincing essay since there is no case, but an essay in which you claim that Italian art achieved its height during the Renaissance would be a persuasive essay since you’re attempting to convince your readers to agree with your point of view.

Persuasive and argumentative essays often aim to persuade readers to agree with the speaker, but there are important distinctions between the two styles of essays. Argumentative articles show a more realistic view of the situation and address both perspectives. Persuasive essays rely mainly on the hand with which the speaker agrees. They often frequently contain more of the author’s views than argumentative essays, which appear to use only evidence and statistics to justify their claims.

Persuasive Essay Topics

persuasive essay topics

Do you know what the main problem with this sort of assignment is? Students are not having enough guidance. Yeah, they may ask the instructor for a convincing description of the article, but the directions won’t go any further than that. You would be left with a general theme and a mandate to finish the essay within a specific timeline.

With this lack of knowledge, it’s hard for you to get ideas that would motivate you to write academically. You don’t even have a particular topic, so you’ve got to start with that move.

What title are you setting? We’re going to recommend a few compelling college essay subjects from diverse fields of study. This list will help you to understand how nice, compelling essay themes look, and it will motivate you to actually write the project.

Below are some of the topics for persuasive essays.

Education Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. How much should parents be interested in the education of their children?
  2. Should families be able to select the schools attended by their children?
  3. Is learning in the classroom better than online learning?
  4. Will teachers interact with their students using social media
  5. Are students entitled to the same rights as adults?
  6. In school, do students have to think about sex education?
  7. Is it necessary to have a college education to have a successful career?
  8. We expect schools to have security guards?
  9. Are assessments the best way to see what learners are learning?
  10. Teachers can complete the technical examinations while students pass the school & college exams.
  11. Shortening the time for college classes is a smart thing.
  12. SAT & ACT are not effective methods for investigating.
  13. Reasons modern students should research business-related disciplines;
  14. The role of classes in information technology in the life of the average student.
  15. Will disadvantaged children be given free college tuition?
  16. Before they graduate from high school, will it be easier to implement a series of ability assessments for students?
  17. Do you think students in charge of cyberbullying should be removed from school?
  18. If high school students completed community service hours to graduate, will it be better?
  19. Do you think that primary and secondary students should be allowed to use school mobile phones?
  20. To play sports, do students have to be on the honor roll?
  21. An integral aspect of education is art and music programs in public schools.
  22. Schools should have the right to search for the private property of students to combat drugs in schools.
  23. Do you think that during the study hall, students should be permitted to listen to music?

High School Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. We should permit high school students to have mobile phones at school.
  2. Students in high school do not have to wear school uniforms.
  3. All high school students should master a foreign language.
  4. Girls should be able to compete in sports teams with boys.
  5. We should expect students in high school to do community service.
  6. For your future, extracurricular activities are essential.
  7. Students, also on school nights, should be allowed to sit up late.
  8. As individuals, peer pressure helps students grow.
  9. Students should have safe nutritional choices.
  10. To get excellent grades, students should be paid.
  11. Young people should determine whether to join the army on their own.
  12. Listen to music more easily to do homework
  13. Reasons to be honest in every circumstance of life
  14. People who survive disasters are valuing their lives more than most.
  15. Embarrassing moments in life are required to make us remain optimistic.
  16. Why is time management essential to most jobs?
  17. Are hobbies supporting individuals with their careers?
  18. The reasons for living life spontaneously.
  19. After high school, do students take a gap year?
  20. Students should be able to wear whatever clothing they choose.
  21. Should the voting age be reduced?
  22. Sex Education in schools should be available.
  23. Should we need to lower our drinking age?

College Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Cooking at home is better than purchasing in-store prepared meals
  2. 3-day weekend by regulation
  3. Free Wi-Fi should be accessible in any public location.
  4. Any resident of the United States must conduct a year of community service
  5. Healthcare agents must be checked for HIV and AIDS every year.
  6. Pills for birth control: the dangers they possess
  7. Should a traditional textbook be substituted with an e-book?
  8. Is the death penalty meant to exist?
  9. How can you solve the problem of getting campuses?
  10. The government does not regulate Internet service.
  11. How much does the viewer know about the personal life of a celebrity?
  12. Is there a legitimate justification for war, ever?
  13. Is it ethical that dogs should be trained as service animals?
  14. Is it easier to listen to music or to work in silence when working?
  15. Whose career is the right one to have?
  16. Are animals covered or harmed by zoos?
  17. Should individuals be able to clone themselves?
  18. What season is the worst?
  19. Is it easier to be an individual in the morning or an individual in the night?
  20. Is it more important to enjoy your work than to make a lot of money?
  21. How is the new economy’s most important crop?
  22. Should you make new friends as you get older, or rely on holding your friends?
  23. If aliens were to come to Earth, could we make friends with them?
  24. In a technological world, is paper news still important?
  25. Is it easier to have friends and be wealthy and lonely or poor?
  26. Will parents teach old-fashioned manners to their children?
  27. Is life easier than it’s been 50 years earlier?
  28. How can you encourage the mayor to build a skate park?

Sports Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. For high school athletes, don’t be stereotyped.
  2. Dangers with Red Bull drinking and other caffeine drinks
  3. Being a fantastic athlete does not mean being a professional coach.
  4. Female coaches are expected to tutor women
  5. The threats to women are bodybuilding.
  6. Males are more likely than their female counterparts to get injured.
  7. Is chess a game or a sport?
  8. For athletes, can press conferences be compulsory?
  9. In athletics, what is the safest way to alleviate stress?
  10. Laws of NFL concussion and their peculiarities.
  11. Girls should be motivated while learning as well as boys to compete in sports.
  12. Athletes from college should be charged.
  13. Women should be able to play in sports against men.
  14. Female athletes’ representation in the mainstream is still sexist
  15. Some sports style can encourage aggressive behaviors
  16. The mental wellbeing of an athlete has a huge effect on injuries.
  17. Eating disorders in athletes are a common concern.
  18. Colleges and schools should make physical education a greater focus.
  19. Sports can provide calming and soothing effects on the mind and body.
  20. Who’s the world’s greatest athlete?
  21. What is the easiest learning hobby?
  22. What is the best sport that can be played?
  23. Are the sports of summer better than the sports of winter?
  24. If their scores aren’t good enough, do students have to avoid playing a sport?
  25. Are professional players overpaid?

Environmental Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Present environmental laws cannot deter human intrusion and destruction of habitats.
  2. Why do countries spend on sustainable projects for the environment?
  3. Owing to human encroachment, plant and animal lives are at risk.
  4. Global Warming Is Possible.
  5. The key source of global warming is Developing Countries
  6. To avoid environmental destruction, existing agricultural methods must be changed.
  7. Vegetarianism has a better sustainability impact
  8. The largest air and water polluters are toxic waste and agricultural chemicals.
  9. Overpopulation causes cities’ contamination
  10. We must preserve our global resources
  11. We need a safe atmosphere.
  12. Global warming’s effects.
  13. Why is it important to conserve energy?
  14. The adverse aspects of a toxic climate.
  15. The big trash patch in the Pacific.
  16. How toxicity from water is negative.
  17. The consequences of pollution from manufacturing and households.
  18. What is the warming of the world?
  19. The advantages of sustainable cultivation.
  20. What is a big issue with drought?
  21. The Toxicity in Earth Today.
  22. The value of mitigating, reusing, and recycling.
  23. The consequences of degrading the climate.
  24. Why should birds be saved?
  25. Why should the Ganges be preserved?
  26. How diverse items should be recycled.

Controversial Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Is there still space in the Real World for Racial Profiling?
  2. For terminally ill people, we should Legalize Euthanasia
  3. Higher education for everyone should be free.
  4. Is the administration of Donald Trump a negative thing or positive for the US and the rest of the world?
  5. Same-Sex partners need to be able to get married
  6.  In the 21st century, is there room for them?
  7. Benefits of Medical Marijuana Reform
  8. Without Organized Religion, the Planet will be a happier place
  9. Technology causes more harm than success
  10. The Russian and US Governments should keep the Third World War from
  11. It is important to adjust current public school policies
  12. Is gun regulation an appropriate way to regulate crime?
  13. The government should ban same-sex weddings.
  14. Society is being over-regulated
  15. The nations with the highest corruption rate.
  16. In the United States, have any government officials involved in criminal activities?
  17. Should the government recognize people with physical handicaps?
  18. Being a politician: a craft or a talent born.
  19. Is anyone willing to be above the law?
  20. Is the USSR’s CIS a safer alternative?

Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Should everyone be freely supported by universal health care?
  2. Should soda and sweets on school campuses be banned?
  3. In America, could tobacco products be banned?
  4. Is a diet based on plants healthier than a diet based on meat?
  5. Will inmates be entitled to vote?
  6. If elected politicians were younger, will that be safer in the U.S.?
  7. Would plastic bullets be used by the police instead of real bullets?
  8. Are corporate, for-profit prisons, a menace to the interests of prisoners? 
  9. If elected politicians were younger, will that be safer in the U.S.?
  10. Would plastic bullets be used by the police instead of living bullets?
  11. These are corporate, for-profit prisons, a menace to the interests of prisoners?
  12. Should breeding for pets be banned?
  13. Should donation of organs be voluntary for all or mandated?
  14. Is artificial intelligence a threat?
  15. Will parents be able to change the genes of their children scientifically?
  16. What is the best green energy option?
  17. At what age should children be permitted to be on social media?
  18. Should the U.S. have open boundaries?
  19. Can the U.S. get involved as other countries’ governments commit abuses of human rights against their people?
  20. Is the U.S. too reliant on imported goods and other nations’ imports?
  21. Will the government concentrate on increasing taxes or lowering expenditure?
  22. Do health insurers cover alcohol therapy and treatment?
  23. Would fast food taxes help fight obesity?
  24. Should we ban all crops which are genetically modified?
  25. What will the results of making all types of birth control free of charge be?

Social Media Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Children should be permitted to be on social media at what age?
  2. Will it be the duty of schools to teach healthy social media education?
  3. When should it be allowed for children to have a mobile phone?
  4. What can cyberbullying punishment be?
  5. Do friendships online have the same advantage as friendships in individuals?
  6. Are social media influencers useful to society or harmful?
  7. Has self-confidence or self-centeredness increased the success of’ selfies’?
  8. Is the abolition of culture a positive or a bad thing?
  9. What are the most accurate, unbiased outlets for news and information receipt?
  10. What impact do mobile phones have on the public?
  11. What are signs of love for the public?
  12. Was holding prayer in schools ethical?
  13. What are the required ages for retirement?
  14. Over the years, has speaking English in America changed?
  15. What influence is advertisement having on kids?
  16. How many customers a year visit Wal-Mart?
  17. What are the drawbacks that internet dating has?
  18. How does the attendance of college courses change over the years?

Persuasive Essay Samples

There are plenty of persuasive essay samples available on the internet and you can access them to learn more as to what this style of essay is all about. Persuasive essays describe a subject by attempting to reassure the readers that your viewpoint is the most rational, true, and knowledgeable one about the topic. Read on to learn more about compelling essays before looking at a selection of persuasive essays.

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persuasive essay example

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persuassive essay example4

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persuassive essay example5

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