Research Thesis Guidelines; Prior Tips for Thesis Preparation

Research Thesis Guidelines; Prior Tips for Thesis Preparation

Reason for the Study.

  1. What precisely would you like to study? Why? For what purpose?
  2. What is the hypothetical and additionally viable importance of your study?

Writing Review.

What different reviews have been done that identify with your topic? What are the fundamental discoveries of those reviews?

What speculations address your research title? Their views in this regard?

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Thesis Preparation


  1. Relevant particular speculations to be tried ought to be plainly expressed.
  2. What are the free, ward, and control factors in your review?
  3. By what method will information be gathered (e.g., study, analyze, field inquire about)?
  4. In what manner will you gauge the factors in your review?
  5. What sort of test will be utilized? What are your units of investigation?
  6. In what capacity will human subjects be secured?

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In what capacity will informational indexes be gained if optional information examination is utilized?

Information Analysis

What sort of measurable analysis do you hope to direct?

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Time Table

A timetable for finishing each area of the proposal must be incorporated.


In the event that important, maintain duplicate copies of proposed materials (e.g., polls to be directed).

Students must frame the board of trustees for their proposition by the mid-semester sign of their third semester.

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Students must have their theory proposition meeting before the last day of their third semester.

Students must present their research to their board of trustees 20 days before the research defense day. This date changes each semester and is distributed in the UNLV plan.

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