The Different Kinds of Academic Papers

The Different Kinds of Academic Papers

As a student or researcher working on an academic paper, you must have realized that there are various types of academic papers ranging from short essays to more comprehensive and elaborate academic pieces such as dissertations and thesis.

Each one of these academic papers has its own particular attributes and characteristics that must be considered when creating content to ensure conspicuousness.

Although the kinds of academic papers depend on​ various educational institutions, however, there are certain typical paper types that include dissertations, thesis, research paper, case study based papers, and essays.

These are the most common type of academic papers that are significant as they cater to almost all levels of academia especially high school and undergraduate levels.

This type of paper provides an illustration of a certain topic through the amalgamation of key facts and opinions organized to create a coherent structure that provides a logical explanation of the topic.

Most high school students often have to write essays on topics ranging from marketing and economics to business management, biological sciences, and technology. Such essays might be argumentative, descriptive, or expository depending on the topic and paper requirements.


Research Paper
A research paper is an academic paper that is longer than a typical essay and usually entails more detailed research relative to the topic or subject matter that the paper encompasses.

To highlight aspects regarding a specific issue, the research paper usually includes a literature review section that provides details of the researched facts to support the topic. Often, the paper may include a critical review of the researched material to provide a lucid understanding of the topic and research paper content.

A thesis is a more comprehensive academic paper that provides more details with regards to a particular topic contrary to the dissertation.

Such an academic paper usually​ has a higher word count and includes sections such as literature review, methodology, findings, and analysis among others. Such a paper may include both primary and secondary research methods to provide arguments to support the topic with an intent to define a solid conclusion.

The thesis is usually applicable at the Masters and Doctoral levels as these illustrate the highest standards of academia.

A dissertation is an academic paper ranging from 7000 to 16000 words that include sections such as literature review, research methodology, analytical findings, and conclusions. Such a paper is used to provide a detailed analysis of the topic through the use of different forms of research techniques to provide qualitative and quantitative data to arrive at a conclusion.

The paper may include a theoretical approach to justify the topic or hypothesis or an empirical approach to provide statistical analysis to derive critical inferences relevant to the topic. Dissertation writing is usually applicable at the undergraduate and doctoral levels.

Case study
A case study is based on the aspects regarding a certain entity such as an organization and its working. Case study writing involves the research related to a case study that describes a particular aspect of the entity relevant to the paper.

The paper includes sections such as case study analysis, description, and conclusion including recommendation.

For example, a case study regarding the marketing procedures of an organization may be analyzed in the paper and recommendations suggested based on the analysis.

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