Types of Writing

Types of Writing

Writing is something that is simple, yet it has complexities associated with it. In the current world of digital media, writing has become an integral part of the online presence of any business. The marketing research experts tend to focus on various online trends and develop content that is specifically designed to meet their demands.

For this, they look to hire writers and agencies that provide similar services. So that their web presence is articulated to generate leads towards sales. Apart from content writing, there are numerous other types of writing as well.

These include SEO writing, marketing writing, technical writing, editorial writing, report writing, CSR writing, press release writing, copy-writing, and ghostwriting.  These types are largely categorized into two segments; academic writing and non-academic writing.

Girl is writing and smilingAcademic writing is related to academics and it usually involves the services where the writers are assigned to complete assignments based on different academic subjects varying from Business and Literature to Medical and Engineering.

The content written in this type of writing is mostly developed for the students of undergraduate and graduate-level such as essays, reports, class assignments and presentations, etc. However, some tasks are also associated with doctorate level as well, including thesis writing and dissertations writing, etc. This type of writing involves researching on a particular data and reproducing it in your own words to create plagiarism-free work.

Non-academic writing is a much broader category, which includes Creative writing, blog writing, content writing, article writing, search engine optimized writing, ghostwriting, and others. As this is a broader category, it requires a different style to research. Here the writer is looking for ideas to write material as opposed to studying in a subject area and reproducing the content. This requires more skills from the writer to produce high-quality content.  The main focus is to keep the reader interested and persuade towards taking action.

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Both types of writing need specific expertise from the writer to produce material that’s worth reading. Due to its importance both in the business and academic worlds, writing has become a prolific career for many. Different agencies provide these services both online as well as brick-and-mortar. They hire freelance and onsite writers to produce high-quality content for the clients. In recent times, writing has emerged as a career for many who have skills in this area.

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