What are the different types of writing?

What are the different types of writing?

The writing style for any writer would depend on his or her approach towards a certain perspective marked by the specific attributes related to the disposition. The technique would however largely be defined by the particular purpose of the writing piece and the targeted audience. There are four different types of writing depending on what tone the writer employs and the use of penning the content. These are primarily the expository, persuasive, descriptive, and narrative types of writing that are reflected in most forms of content.

Expository Writing

This form of writing is highly logical and sequenced often encompassing a broader range of facts and figures relative to a certain topic. These pointers such as statistical data and factual analysis are part of a piece of writing that constitutes the expository style to highlight something within a framework or procedural flow. The main purpose of this form of writing is to explain something to the audience using facts and figures to support the explanation. Such a writing form tends to provide a detailed account of a certain aspect to the audience without giving an insight into the author’s opinion on the subject. The most common example of content that uses such a writing style is the material found in most textbooks.

Descriptive Writing

The descriptive form of writing entails providing a factual account of a particular entity such as a place, character, or event with the purpose of explaining the intricate details of the entity to the audience. The form of writing involves a detailed description to ensure patency and clarity with regards to the entity that is pivotal to the content.

Such types of writing are usually found in poems and other literary pieces that illustrate the characters or events that are significant to the content. The descriptive form of writing entails an opinion of the author with regards to the entity and how he or she perceives it. Common examples of such a form of writing include poems, written pieces found in journals, and personal diaries including content found in fictional​ books.

Persuasive Writing

The persuasive form of writing focuses​ on providing facts and opinions relevant to a certain topic with the sole purpose of motivating the reader or audience to agree with the author’s opinion and point of view. It also includes descriptive details to ensure that the people are convinced to react and eventually agree to the author’s perspective.

As opposed to the expository form of writing the persuasive writing style has a strong proclivity towards the author’s personal opinion and views. This is because the entire purpose of the persuasive form of writing is to convince the reader, therefore, such a piece of writing may be biased and opinionated. Common examples for such a writing type include reviews, recommendation letters, product reviews, marketing content, and cover letters.

Narrative Writing

The narrative form of writing is inclined towards providing details of a tale or a narration of some story. The specific reason to use this writing form is to tell a story through dialogues while elaborating key aspects such as events and characters. In this form of writing, the author describes the tale highlighting the characters and the story through dialogues and descriptions of the related events and happenings.

The writing piece would have a specific beginning, ending, and logical sequencing that reflects situations like actions and dialogues. Examples include short stories, novels, poetry, biographies, and anecdotes among others.

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