What are the factors, which influence effective writing?

What are the factors, which influence effective writing?

Every work demands for certain qualities in its doer to be performed, similarly, writing also demands the writer to have certain qualities to be effective for is the reader. Here are some factors that help in influencing effective writing:

Understand your audience:

One of the leading problem a writer faces while writing is that they do not know the best style, which grasps the attention of their audience. For this, you should first think of how to present your work. For example, when you are writing formal email stick to the main topic on which you are writing, also be concise and accurate. In addition, if you are writing it to your colleague, you can write it in an informal way and go brief. So, try to make your audience your compass, write according to the expectation of your reader.

Tone and style of your writing also matter a lot in the effectiveness of your writing. These two things develop flexibility in your writing to communicate with all types of audience effectively.

Do research:

Nothing makes your work worthless than copying someone else work and giving it your name. Instead of copying from someone else work, documentaries and thesis do as much research as you can. Do not rely fully on sites like Wikipedia use other primary sources. Make your work more credible by doing research like watch documentaries and read articles etc. related to your work.

Freelance writing jobs:

As we have heard that reading books, dictionary and watching news increases your knowledge, vocabulary and writing skill, there is another thing which improves your writing skills which is freelancing. Through the feedback of your customers, you came to know about the effectiveness of your writing skills and about what are your weaknesses on which you need to work on.

Learn grammar:

In English writing, grammar matters a lot. If you have weak grammar than your work is of no use, no one wants to read it. So try to improve it if you have weak grammar by surfing the internet and reading grammar books. Give time to increase your grammar on daily basis.


Reviewing your work is important. When you go through your work, you can check your grammatical, punctuation and typos. Sometimes, there are certain sentences that do not make any sense when you review your work and you can re-write them to make sense. Academic writing service are also available, so you can also hire them to improve the quality of your work. Always use professional academic writing services for editing.

Following famous writers:

One of the best ways to make your writing effective is by following famous writers. Searched for the most viewed writers and read the comments of their reader. Observe what people like the most about their writing; what makes people attract towards their work.

Accuracy in your information:

Whenever you are writing, the information you are providing to your reader in your work should be accurate and credible. Try to get information from credible sources as all the sites on the internet are not showing the truth. Search information from official sites, which are held by government institutes, educational institutes and agencies.

Give more time to reading:

Reading not only increases your knowledge and vocabulary but also improves your writing ability. Read different types of writing materials and genres even if you do not read them normally. For a writer’s brain, it is important to go through different writing materials. Books clubs are also very helpful to force yourself to read different genres.

Write daily:

As academic writing pro says, ‘Practice makes a man perfect.’ Similarly, to have effective writing skills you should write something daily. Give daily 5 minutes to your writing if you have a busy schedule. Write on anything, any topic you want. It is not necessary that you get the best result of your writing in the first attempt. However, do not stop doing efforts.

Rewrite old pieces:

Keep the record of your work you have been writing to improve your writing ability. Rewriting your old pieces improves your skill of writing. Each time you rewrite your old pieces you feel the difference that you are improving. Sometimes you do editing in your old work and sometimes you change the whole text and give it a new shape.

Random sentence building:

This is a very helpful exercise to develop effective writing. Open a book, select any random sentence and start writing a story from it without thinking where it goes, whether it is related to the story you had selected the sentence. This not only improves your writing but also make you a creative writer.

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