Harvard Style Referencing And Its Difference From Other Writing Styles

Harvard Style Referencing And Its Difference From Other Writing Styles

Actually, there are so many different writing styles that students can opt while writing an essay. But make sure you read the instructions carefully that are given to you from the teacher about the referencing style that you have to follow. According to experts of Academic Writing Services there are different types of referencing styles that people use all around the world so which style you have to follow also depend upon the region or area where you live or study. Here we are discussing about Harvard referencing style and its difference from other styles.

Format of referencing style for essays:

First of all students should know that reference lists help the reader to trace the original sources by themselves while reading the essay. Or else you can consult paper writing service like Academic Writing Pro they will guide you about the referencing style that you have to follow. Keep in mind that every situation presents a reference list consist of several pieces of that include:

  1. Author name
  2. Year of article publication
  3. Title of reference article
  4. City in which article is published
  5. Publisher of article
  6. Pages used

Here is the example of the Harvard Reference List format that you have to follow while writing the citations page:

1.  Harvard Referencing Style:

Basically the Harvard referencing format is first invented and presented by the scholars of Harvard University and helpful for students while referencing the papers. This citation style enables students to add quotes, findings and ideas into their work. Most of the writing experts who belong to Professional writing services prefer to follow this referencing style.

2.  MLA Referencing Style:

Another referencing style that students used for citation in their essays or research papers is MLA. This style is actually invented and introduced by the Modern Languages Association. Students or Academic Writing Service have to mention these type or citation at the end of the paper within the section of the bibliography.

  1. American Psychological Association:

Other than the Harvard referencing style, you can also use American psychological association. This type of citation is actually used by students of social and behavioral sciences. In case of confusion you can consult Academic Writing Services.

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The difference between the usage of referencing styles:

Actually, there are different groups of students that use Harvard and MLA citation styles who are actually pursuing diverse courses. For example, just like students who are studying human resource, behavior, natural or social science. You will be liable to follow Harvard referencing style while writing your daily assignments.

According to experts of paper writing service students related to fields of humanities are liable to follow the MLA referencing style. But you have to keep in mind that in this citation style main focus will be on detailing subjects that normally fall within the category of liberal arts. Just like students who are studying courses related to literature, language or even the culture are liable to submit assignments written in the MLA referencing format.

Difference between the formats of referencing style:

  • Write down the last name, First Initial. (Mention publishing year). Title. Name of city: Publisher, Page no.

Professional writing services suggest students make the citations list in alphabetical order and never forget to mention the author’s last name. But if you are mentioning multiple sources related to the same author, then you have to list down the citations according to the publishing date.  So yes, if you are writing essays and want to score good grades in your daily assignments, then prefer to follow valid citation style according to the instructions of the teacher, Academic Writing Service or instructor.


Difference between other style of referencing:

There are so many students who got confused between MLA and Harvard referencing style while writing an essay. But keep in mind both of them are very different from each other. In this regard, you can also take help from Academic Writing Services they will guide you how to differentiate both styles. Here we are discussing some differences.

According to experts of Academic Writing Service students should know that both referencing styles are also different in terms of format. So never get confused between its formats. In this regard, you can check out samples, and look closer to both styles, from there you can easily recognize the difference.

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