What is the difference between academic writing and reading?

What is the difference between academic writing and reading?

Academic writing

Academic writing is a branch of the English language that deals with writing career and field oriented research papers, essays, reports, and theses. It is a different branch of the proverbial ‘English’ tree and stems out to address different issues. It has definite goals and aims that differ from other branches, and it is very important to know these differences. A few differences that can be noted straightaway are the use of a more formal tone and style, more technical language and a definite structure. The audience for academic writing also differs. Academic writing Pro specializes in all kinds of academic papers, may they be reports, essays, dissertations, or theses. We also deal with them separately, giving each their own level of priority.

Academic writing vs. reading

Academic writing differs from reading in many ways. For instance, the purpose of academic writing is to inform a more technical audience about a topic that they already might be familiar with. It uses words and terms that only people of that field are familiar with, and every point addressed works to contribute to the main topic.

Writing and reading on a very basic level are both means of communication. There is a significant difference between the two, but they are both also related closely. Reading is the process of going through text and comprehending it. The process of being able to recognize the contrast between sentences, words, along with critical thinking skills come into play.

Also, in order to understand well, you must have a sound vocabulary. This can be achieved by reading more and more. You can try taking words and attempting to understand them in the context they are used in; or you could use a dictionary.

Writing, on the other hand, requires you to be adept at the knowledge of punctuation, grammar, and spellings. A good writer is a good reader, always. If you can read well and understand the kind of readability required by the reader to understand the content, then you can use that in our own writing. This will make you a good writer. You cannot write if you cannot read; it really is as simple as that.

Reading has to do more with interpretation. Human beings do not just read text; we can read the expression on someone’s face, a pattern, signs, and paths, to name a few. All these trigger our interpretative side and make us think. If you ever want to improve on your writing, you must definitely turn to reading.


Reading helps strengthen the mind and polish writing skills. Once you read, understand, study, and comprehend, only then can you be adept at writing. Sometimes, when a writer hits writers’ block, they take some time off and read in order to freshen their minds up. Reading has a plethora of benefits; from getting new ideas to helping your language, grammar, and punctuation.

When you are reading, you are learning. When you are writing, you are teaching. You cannot teach well if you have not learned well. Even though academic writing and reading are different, they are very closely associated.

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Whenever we read something that impacts us, we often continue reading it, may it be a newspaper or magazine article, an academic piece, or even a text message. The truth behind these impact pieces is that in order to write them, a lot of practice and learning has been done. The skill of writing is developed by reading, and reading well.

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