Which mistakes should a beginner avoid while writing the essay?

Which mistakes should a beginner avoid while writing the essay?

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Essay writing is one of the most significant tasks in academic writing and homework. Essays are assigned to check out the understanding of the students on the particular topic. It is the source of information from an introductory start to comprehensively concluded information. While writing an essay, the students should be very careful and well aware of all the instructions by the professor and the universal and general steps of essay writing. As one of the best essay writing services in the US, our experts know that students are likely to make similar mistakes. Therefore, we are highlighting these common mistakes on our portal and giving useful tips to the students to avoid those mistakes.

  • Don’t forget to provide a strong introductory paragraph:

Students often do not provide the reader with the necessary information as an introduction to the topic. A strong introduction is the requirement of the essay writing of any topic. The introductory paragraph should provide the basic definition of the topic or the basic purpose of the title. Also, it should possess the thesis statement which is going to be explained in the further essay. It gives flow to the essay. Do not add any opinion in the first paragraph. Be unbiased about the title in the introduction. The experts of essay writing services recommend the students to give a very clear and comprehensible start to the essays. 

  • Do not write any irrelevant or extra information:

Students often write down anything they find regarding the title. The main reason behind this mistake is that they do not pay attention to the approach and restriction of the title. For instance, if there is a title given for an essay like this: “Discuss the negative impact of mobile phones in teenagers”. The students are neither supposed to discuss the positive impacts even in one line nor on any other age group. Most of the students just jot down all the information which already exists in their mind about mobiles or the effects, positive or negative and on each and every age group. This is the biggest and worst mistake of the students which ultimately reduce their marks. Thus, be specific on the topic.

  • Do not Copy Paste from any source, especially from Wikipedia:

In the academic writings, Plagiarism is the biggest crime. It ultimately results in worse grades or sometimes students can be expelled from the courses. It is always suggested to the students to read from many sources but never copy and paste from any source. Especially when we talk about Wikipedia, anyone can edit the information there according to his/her will or sometimes for fun sake. This thing makes this website as uncertain and untrustworthy to take any content from there. Students must avoid taking any piece of references or material for the essay from Wikipedia.

  • Don’t Panic:

Students are often afraid of any type of academic tasks. They do less work and take more stress. It is advised to the students to keep their mind relaxed and focus on the positive sides. Do keep this thing in mind that it is not a horrible task and if done with management and concentration, it can be achieved.

  • Don’t write in hustle:

Haste is waste. Essay writing is a lengthy and time taking process. Sometimes it happens that students take it lightly and delay it till the deadline arrives. And sometimes the students spend a lot of time only in doing one task. This results in the delay of other tasks and the essay are affected. Therefore, the students must manage time efficiently in each task of their academic homework and take enough time to read and think about the topic, make rough notes and then jot down the detailed essay by creating drafts and revising your work.

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