Why do many research papers use two-column format?

Why do many research papers use two-column format?

The two-column format

The two-column format comes in handy when writing a research paper. It is used very widely for clarity and conciseness purposes. The idea of dividing text into two columns on a sheet of paper allows for an organized look. Information is structured and this allows your audience to easily locate it. Along with making your document more accessible to information, the two-column format can also include figures, illustrations, diagrams, and drawings. These serve the purpose of telling the story that the text could not. You can easily create the two-column format in Microsoft Word by using the table function. Here at Academic writing pro, we can work with multiple-column formats to make sure your research papers look the way they should.

Advantages of the two-column format

The reason why most research papers are published in the two-column format is that it has great advantages. It helps readers get engaged and makes your document that much more presentable. Along with visual benefits, the two-column format has a few other advantages as well.

  • Makes information accessible: In the two-column format, text is divided into two columns and that makes text more organized. With proper headings, information can be easily found by readers. Readers are raiders of information. If they cannot find what they want readily, they will look for other sources.
  • Organizes your document: Along with saving space, the two-column format allows for organization of your text. Relevant sections can be grouped together on one page, all contributing to the main argument of your research paper.
  • Saving space: Usually, the single-column format uses smaller fonts. Lines are much longer and hence difficult to read. The two-column format helps with this. Information is easily located by scanning through the document. Lines are shorter and therefore clarity is increased.

The two-column format allows optimization of the text. It is suited for reading. At Academic writing pro, our research paper writing services are tailored to all kinds of formats in order to make your research papers much more interesting. We arrange and organize your ideas and make them suitable for publication.

How to apply the two-column format to your research paper

There is a simple way in which you can apply the two-column format to your research paper in Microsoft Word. Once you are done writing your paper, just do this. You can also opt to do it right before you begin writing your research paper.

  • In Microsoft Word, go to the Page Layout tab on the top of the page.
  • Under Page Setup, click on Columns.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose two.

And there you have it! Your document is now formatted in the two-column layout. Another method would be to consult Academic writing pro for your research paper formatting work. We offer the best research paper writing services in USA you can find online. Just submit your topic and await the magic that we create!


To conclude, we would like to go over the points mentioned above in order to really stress on the importance of the two-column format. Firstly, it makes information accessible to readers. Text is more organized and clarity is maintained. Also, you save space. More information is crammed in one sheet of paper. Font sizes are larger as compared to a single-column format layout and lines are much shorter. This saves cost and also makes your document ready for publishing. The best part about it is that it is very easy to do!

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