Why do people write wordy essays when they know it needs to be concise?

Why do people write wordy essays when they know it needs to be concise?

In the academic world, students often face the essay writing tasks. Essays are given on various topics. Every student has a different way of writing or formulating his/her own essay. However, a general format flows like Introduction, Body Paragraphs and then Conclusion. But, students may stretch the length as per their own perception and knowledge. We have often seen the essays as long and lengthy, covering pages and pages. They often repeat the things to make it as long as possible. The reason behind these long essays is that there is a misconception about essays. The misconception is that the essays are supposed to be long and lengthy. This is however neither totally wrong, not totally right.

Essays are the short form of reports. Essays do include the introduction to the topic, the discussion on the topic, the recommendations, solutions, suggestions and it ends with a conclusive paragraph. But all the data, facts and figures, analysis and discussion should be in a limit. The essays should not bore the readers,but it should give a healthy reading to them. The essays should provide a good amount of information to the one who reads it but it should not hang there a ding capacity of him. In short, the essays are supposed to be concise enough.

Usually, we see the students writing whole big essays with a lot of information crammed init. That is totally injustice with the word ‘essay’ itself and also with the one who is going to read it, either the professor or the classmate. The question arises here is that why do the students write wordy essays when they know it needs to be concise? Even if the professor instructs them to be concise and precise, they still write long. There are many best essay writing services which help the students to write concise and best essays.

There can be many reasons for this issue. Some of them are written below:

  • The habit:

An expert at essay writing services named as Academic writing pro says that Habits are not easy to be mold or to be reshaped. Some students have developed this string habit to write lengthy. In whatever system or an academic phase they are, they write a lot and in a big length. They don’t care about the instructor’s demanded length. They just care about putting down every idea and every sentence in their mind as well as from internet and books to make it as long as possible.It is their old and developed habit which cannot be easily molded.

  • The complex:

This case is also very commonly seen among the students. Some students have this complex that they should always write the lengthiest essay. They do not want someone to cross them regarding the amount of information and knowledge they are adding in the essay. Therefore, they write as long as they can without caring about the fact that the essay needs to be concise and accurate.

  • No idea about what to add and what to skip

Some students do not have this idea that what is most essential to be added and what is least important for the essay. They just find the related material about the topic and want to add everything regarding it. They don’t have any scheme about going from the most crucial points to the least crucial idea. They lack planning and brainstorming. That is why they keep on adding a lot of material and at the end; it is a very lengthy and tiring essay.

  • The copy-paste ones:

Some students copy the ideas and paragraphs from the internet, newspapers and thee-books without actually reading and arranging. They just search the topic and copy-paste all the information they get. This is why they end up creating a lot of mess in the name of the essay. They have no concept about the topic. They are the lazy students who have listened to the instructor that there is some essay assignment but they don’t bother to put efforts. Therefore, they create somewhat very ridiculous and name it as so-called ESSAY.

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