Thesis Writing

Thesis Writing is a specialized form of academic writing that involves the detailed examination and analysis of a particular paradigm that is to be maintained or proven through the presentation of facts and arguments derived through research of established philosophical theories and concepts in a sequenced and logical organization of ideas and inferences.The aim of a thesis is to assess the various paradigms associated with a certain theory pertaining to a social, technological or scientific subject and to provide inferences in favour of the subject theory or against it depending on the defined premise or stance of the author.

In thesis writing, the author usually defines a premise or a position stating his or her stance or personal perspective with regards to the theory pertaining to the thesis subject area.Thus, a premise can portend strong proclivity towards the favourable aspects of the theory or the opposing elements reflecting the author’s opinion and perspectives on the thesis subject.This defined premise and the author’s opinion is proven or maintained through the presentation of valid arguments that support the premise and that provide a lucid understanding of the favourable aspects of the philosophical paradigms related to the thesis subject.

A high quality thesis reflects a strong understanding of the theoretical concepts related to the subject being researched and extensive research manifested through the inferences drawn from analytical reasoning and literature review.A thesis is generally a comprehensive essay that is longer than a dissertation and may include sections such as introduction of the thesis subject and an overview of the premise adopted by the author, literature review,research methodology, analytical findings and inferences, conclusions and recommendations,citations and bibliographies including an appendix section to provide illustrations and supportive material.

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